Parent's Speak

Raj Singh (Parent of Milan Singh, PYP)

The school provided him a great environment to adjust and learn after returning from the United States. We have been highly recommending AAIS to all our friends and family

Anitha V Chary (Parent of Raghav, CIE Lower Sec 1)

I still remember my conversations on the day I met the school for getting Raghav admitted to Akshar Arbol International School. Though I was a little hesitant and confused about changing him from his current school, the way the curriculum (Cambridge/ IBP/ PYP ) was elucidated and the confidence that was given to me, never allowed me to give it a second thought. As part of his classroom study, Raghav now has got into the habit of reading the newspaper. He has definitely been taught ways to gather more information from the available .I am stunned as to how teachers spur the children on. They are firm, assertive, encouraging, motivating, fun loving and They not only teach students, providing them with cognitive skills, but also focus on character building : they teach the future.

Lakshana & Gaurish (Parents of Vaishnavi Haldipur PYP)

Though we knew the IB style of education was very good, the variety in her experiences has been phenomenal. There has been a great improvement in her language skills. There is a lot of emphasis on value education. Children are learning through real-world experiences, it’s what we call “on-the-job training” in the Corporate world! Teachers have such a personal rapport with every child, a small class size definitely helps in this. It is a wonderful experience for Vaishnavi, coming to Akshar Arbol and she enjoys every minute of it!

Manimekalai and Gopal (Parents of Logesh, Lower Sec 1)

Our son G. Logesh has been at Akshar Arbol International School since 2012. All his teachers are kind, loving and attentive. They create a positive learning experience. Since joining AAIS, we find a vast difference in his progress, behavior, language and attitude. Also, he is more self-reliant now. As parents who are employed full time, it is very important for us to place our child in a setting that could provide him with a strong academic base and we found a perfect fit in AAIS.

Sangeetha Satish (Parent of Harshini Mrithika, PYP)

The Annual Sports Meet was an exhilarating evening with events that were so well structured and timed! The reception and check out of children were so organised ! The novel manner in which the newsletter was shared was so gripping and helped better grasp of the content... spl kudos here
- Hats Off to the hardwork, patience and relentless involvement of each of the dear teachers, in ensuring the safety as well as the outstanding performance of each of their grade students. A big kudos to all teachers of the AAIS Family!

Shrinivas Goplan and Vyjayanthi Shrinivas (Parents of Shreya Shrinivas, PYP)

The International Theme Day today was a marvelous experience for us,! All the children - baring none - came out with outstanding performances. It was very satisfying to see how confident the children are.
I thank all the people of AAIS for grooming our child so very well.
Looking back, we are happy to see that our decision to admit Shreya in AAIS was the right decision!